OncodriveCLUST: a method to reveal cancer drivers based on mutation clustering

We have recently developed a novel method, named OncodriveCLUST, aimed to analyse the mutations observed in sets of tumor samples and identify genes involved in the disease.diana It is based on the feature that driver mutations in cancer genes, especially oncogenes, often cluster in particular positions of the protein. We consider this as a signal that mutations in these regions change the function of the protein in a manner that provides an adaptive advantage to cancer cells and consequently are positively selected during clonal evolution of tumors, and this property can thus be used to nominate driver genes.

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New IntOGen Somatic Mutations Analysis version available

We are proud to announce the brand new version of the IntOGen Somatic Mutations Analysis (IntOGen SM) pipeline. We call it versionĀ 2.0.0 as it has been completely rewritten from scratch with a strong focus on quality, efficiency and scalability.

The IntOGen SM pipeline addresses the challenge of identifying which somatic mutations are important for the development of tumors. The input for the analysis is a list of somatic mutations detected in a cohort of tumors. Read the rest of this entry »