How does full repression of cell cycle gene occur during differentiation ?

The ability of the retinoblastoma protein (pRB) to restrict the cell cycle is well known. Since KDM5A/RBP2/JARID1A is associated with pRB/E2F, one may wonder about its recruitment and its role in the cell cycle. In our study we determined how KDM5A uses its demethylating capability on cell cycle genes during differentiation. We also wanted to know if the demethylation function of KDM5A is non-redundant. It was previously shown that KDM5A and E2F colocalize. We aimed to know at what point of the cell cycle KDM5A is recruited, and whether E2F plays a role in KDM5A recruitment or vice-versa. We focused on the genomic localization of KDM5A in mouse ES cells and human U937 cells at different stages of development.

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Khademul is now a doctor!

Khademul Islam, full name Abul Bashar Mir Mohammad Khademul Islam, defended his Thesis work on Monday. He delivered a 50 minutes presentation followed by 1h and 15 minutes of questions by the committee. He did very well and was awarded the PhD title with maximum distinction. We are all very proud of him! After the defense we had a very nice celebration in the terrace in front on the auditorium.

The Thesis of Khademul has been directed by Elizaveta Benevolenskaya from the University of Illinois at Chicago and myself. The title of the Thesis is “Delineating epigenetic regulatory mechanisms of cell proliferation and differentiation” (see abstract), and focused on the study of the role of KDM5A, also known as RBP2 or JARID1A, in controlling differentiation and cell cycle. The Thesis also includes analysis of the corregulation of Histone-modifying enzymes in cancer and the study of RB/E2F pathway in Drosophila. Read the rest of this entry »