Gitools in GenomeSpace and a new user mail list

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 7.12.57 AMAs some already may know, Gitools has been integrated with GenomeSpace. Together with the GenomeSpace team we have set up a tutorial that demonstrates the power behind the GenomeSpace approach. The tutorial may be found here and helps the user to extract data from ArrayExpress, normalize it on GenePattern and then load and browse it in Gitools. All these steps are being done without the need to manually download any tool nor data set. You can sign up for GenomeSpace and try it right away.

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Gitools 1.8 for improved data managament and transfer

We have started to distribute Gitools in the version 1.8.x. This latest version include important new features in terms of communication of Gitools with other tools (i.e. IGV, GenomeSpace, GSEA, excel). Now the user will get more flexibility for loading data in Gitools. These are the most important improvements in that aspect:

  • Send matrices from IGV (Integrative Genomics Viewer) directly to Gitools
  • Load matrices from GenomeSpace
  • .GCT file support for matrix files (format used by GSEA).
  • Import matrices from Excel data sheets

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