p27 (Kip1) role as a transcriptional regulator

p27, also called Kip1, is a well known protein with a crucial role in cell cycle progression and cancer. p27 best known function is the inhibition of cyclin-dependent kinase (cdk) activities, cyclin E-CDK2 and cyclin D-CDK4 complexes, and has a role in controlling the cell cycle progression at G1. However it was unclear if p27 may have other roles in the nucleus other than acting as a CDK inhibitor.

paper published this week in Oncogene shows that p27 has also a role as a transcriptional repressor, which is independent of cyclin-cdk regulation. This work has been leaded by Oriol Bachs and Raffy Pippa from IDIBAPS, and we, Gunes and myself, and other researchers from IMIMCIEMAT and University of Toulouse have participated in the project.

Model illustrating the participation of p27 on the organization of p130/E2F4 repressor complexes. p130 first drives E2F4 to the promoters, then p27 is subsequently loaded by directly interacting by its carboxyl-domain with both p130 and E2F4. Finally, p27 recruits the co-repressors HDAC1 and mSIN3A on these promoters.

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Our blog turns one!

This week our blog has turned one year old. We started the blog on 10th December 2010 with the idea of having a more flexible way of communicating with the research community, in addition to publications, seminars and conferences. We are happy with the experience and in our last retreat we decided to continue blogging, so more posts from our lab are to come during 2012.

Word cloud of the content in our blog

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Young Research Talent Award for Núria López-Bigas

Good news everyone!

Last friday night – just returning from our retreat – we all received an email from Núria announcing the great news that she is going to be awarded with the Catalan National Award for Young Research Talent (Premi Nacional de Recerca al Talent Jove).

The award acknowledges a young researcher which has shown excellency and quality in his/her professional work and brings a donation of 10.000€. This is very encouraging for the whole group to continue our work as we are doing it and keep contributing good work to the research community.

Recent important efforts include IntOGen, Gitools and Condel. For those interested in more details, they can take a look at Núria’s Curriculum Vitae and Google Scholar Profile.

Official announcement (in Catalan)

UPF news about the award (in Catalan)

GRIB news about the award (in Catalan)